Leonardo Dainelli presents “La Fila”

March 2021

The project, exhibited in the gallery in Viale Francesco Crispi 3 and beginning on 12 April, will feature a selection of paintings signed by the co-founder of Dainelli Studio. The faces, geometrically disassembled and superimposed, give life to a series of stylised profiles envisioned by the concept of the exhibition that is as if they were in a queue – hence the title of the exhibition – waiting for their turn.

The theme of the queue was conceived as it spotlights the historical period which we are experiencing; a feeling of expectation, sometimes of immobility, but also at the same time a new sense of community, civilization, respect, closeness and connection with others. The exhibition, designed by the gallery owner Maria Angela di Pierro together with Dainelli Studio, sees each painting facing the next painting, which awaits its turn with seraphic tranquillity.

The paintings, produced on boards and canvas using different techniques, will be accompanied by a selection of decorative sculptures in marble and quarry stones: a small self-production signed by Dainelli Studio that echoes the theme of the two-dimensional portrait.

The exhibition will be open by appointment from April 13th:
Meme Gallery
Viale Francesco Crispi, 3
Mon – Fri | 10am – 6pm

Contacts: marzia@dainellistudio.it | +39 347 0569474

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